David Tepper Buys FCX, INGR, and CYH

David Tepper
Number of Stocks: 42
Total Value: $6.7 Billion
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David Tepper Buys FCX, INGR, and CYH.

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (FCX) explores for copper, gold, molybdenum, cobalt, silver, and other metals, such as rhenium and magnetite. The forward P/E is 11.11 so its a pretty good bet David Tepper sees this as a value play even though its been in an uptrend channel since July 2013. David Tepper bought an estimated $53.6 million.


Ingredion Incorporated (INGR) products include maltodextrins, high fructose corn syrup, sweetener products comprising glucose syrups, high maltose syrups, caramel color, dextrose, polyols, and glucose and syrup solids; and starch-based products, which include food-grade and industrial starches. It also provides refined corn oil to packers of salad dressings, cooking oil, as well as to producers of margarine, mayonnaise, shortening, and other foods. The foward P/E on INGR is 12.17. The company has a lot of debt relative to cash with a Debt/Equity of more than 71. Buying companies that have huge debt or need to re-structure that debt is David Tepper’s niche. David Tepper bought $1.9 million of INGR.


Community Health Systems (CYH) and general care hospitals offer a range of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services, emergency room, such as general acute care, internal medicine, general and specialty surgery, psychiatric, critical care, obstetrics, diagnostic, and rehabilitation services. The forward P/E is 10.71 and some community hospitals are in heavy debt with a Debt/Equity of more than 282. Once again, buying distressed companies is David Tepper’s specialty. David Tepper bought about $8.7 million worth of CYH.


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David Tepper

@SallyPancakes An activist investor yes but also hedge fund manager..was it David Tepper?

Now on @ii_alpha: Big November for Appaloosa’s David Tepper

Morning Brief #hedgefund assets total $2.8 -$3.07 tril. An industry source tells me add 10% to those estimates…

Morning Brief. David Tepper, #1 on @ii_alpha Rich List last year, is having a rocky 2014…

Daivd Tepper also likes to use $SPY $QQQ to park "cash" between quarters; $SPY Calls to bet mkt direction. @HedgeMind

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$Study Daivd Tepper also likes to use $SPY $QQQ to park "cash" between quarters; $SPY Calls to bet market direction.

RT @HedgeMind Daivd Tepper likes to keep portfolio holdings to 55 holdings top 10 holdings portfolio weight 53%

$Study Daivd Tepper likes to keep portfolio holdings to ~55 holdings; top 10 holdings portfolio weight to 53%

What is David Tepper buying?

To find out what David Tepper is buying go to David Tepper holdings.

What is David Tepper worth?

David Tepper’s net worth is $7.9 billion.

Who is David Tepper?

David Tepper is a hedge fund manager and the founder of Appaloosa Management. He specializes with investing in distressed companies.